Business Coaching Susanne King

Your Internal vision, belief in yourself and reason why need to be bigger than any external factors.
If you couple this with massive action, YOU will succeed.

-Susanne King

With over a decade of business consulting experience for companies BHP, Rio Tinto, Newcrest, IPAC and AMP Susanne King has worked globally in assisting business leaders to optimally perform and lead their teams to achieve greater success. After completing a B. Economics at Sydney University, Susanne spent over five years travelling Australia working with people from all levels, from CEO’s, General Managers, work teams and entrepreneurs. Susanne is passionate about seeing business leaders and coaching practitioners stand out in unique ways, empower their teams for greater performance, and to thrive in life.

In her younger years Susanne represented Australia for dance and has always understood the connection between physical fitness and achievement. With a passion for peak performance, Susanne became a qualified personal trainer and health coach and ran a successful personal training business working with senior executives in achieving greater fitness and physical mastery. It was during this time that she took her passion for personal development to the next level and became a qualified Life and Business Coach, Master NLP and NAC practitioner. Susie is a former Master Peak Performance Coach for Anthony Robbins, is currently Head Facilitator at Basic Bananas, Head Coach for a leading Australia Real Estate firm, and Co-founder of The Ministry of Branding and Impacteurs.

Susanne firmly believes that “your message is your mission” and she is passionate about seeing business leaders and coaching practitioners “get famous” by helping them to develop their own unique brand and take their message to world. Susanne is known for challenging individuals and business leaders to think differently, push outside comfort zones, achieve more, make a greater impact and create a lifestyle they love. She encourages disciplines of human excellence, self-leadership and celebration. As an avid traveller, Susanne has hot air ballooned over the Nile, jumped off waterfalls in China, skied in New Zealand, biked Venice Beach, swam with dolphins in the Great Barrier Reef, jogged around Central Park NYC and volunteered in orphanage’s in Egypt.


To you, the Entrepreneur,
Our vision is to elevate you to thrive in business,to help you grow, achieve your results and become the best version of yourself. You can design your life the way you want it – create your own success, stand out in your industry and build a profitable business that makes an impact. Our vision is to create a tribe of entrepreneurs who inspire, uplift and promote one another while equipping you with the latest in peak performance, marketing and business strategies. Our vision is that you thrive in business


Elevating you to thrive
It’s often said that the limitation of any business are its owners. Your business success starts with you. From your mindset, physical health, leadership style, ability to perform and business strategy, we want to see you thrive. People no longer buy just business names, they buy the person behind the business and we want to see you be even greater than you are now. We believe in elevating you to thrive in business.

Doing it your way and standing out
This is not about becoming a copy of someone else –this is about brining your personality, heart, and
uniqueness so you stand out from the crowd. We believe in being unique and doing things differently. We believe in doing it your way andstanding out (for all the right reasons).

Making money
Lets face it; a business without a profit is a hobby or no business at all. We are focussed on ensuring you get the best business, marketing and sales strategies so that you can reach more, make a greater impact and make money. We believe in making money.

Loving business
One of our core mottos is that it has to be fun (thank you Ben &Jerrys). Being an entrepreneur can be a
rollercoaster of emotions. You will experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We believe in setting up a business that you not only love but that actually supports the lifestyle you want. Of course there isgoing to be work and hard times, but when you love your business and why you do it, the work will feel worth it. We believe in loving your business.

Making a positive impact
Business is designed to make a positive impact, to push humanity forward. As an entrepreneur you are here to serve, to create something that not only impacts your family, your teams, your clients but society in general. Webelieve in making a positive impact. As Richard Branson says, doing good is good for business.