Business Coaching
“I would like to thank you for all your coaching over the last few years. Your
mentoring has been one of the main reasons I have grown my business to a multi million dollar business. Not only have you helped me double my business every year, you have made me enjoy life along the way. You have great knowledge with NLP and understanding the 6 human needs, you have the skills, personality and professionalism to help in any situation. You have also been a great asset not only to me but my team and colleagues that have spent time with. I am very grateful for everything you have done and look forward to continuing with you for many more year to come”
– Michael Coombs
principal & sales agent
Business Coaching
“Working with Susie has been the most transformational personal and business development experience of my whole life. Susie is absolutely masterful in cutting though the surface stories and issues to get to the real blocks that separate you and the results you’re after. Susie’s coaching is a rare coaching experience in that it cuts both deep and wide, she is able to truly transform you as a business leader, in your relationships and your emotional wellbeing in a way that expands all of these areas in your life. Susie really understand the human and spiritual side of business in a way that gets you not only massive leverage in your business strategically and an ability to be a nimble, creative and influential business owner, but also teaches the critical self leadership skills that will get you through all the tough times of starting and growing a business. Some of the key results that I’ve been able to achieve with Susie’s coaching include really trusting in my value and raising my rates by 240%, having strong boundaries for myself as a coach in a way that takes care of both myself and my clients, language that helps me create this same magic with my clients, how to structure my coaching business for sustainable growth and consistent alignment and expansion of my business direction and vision. Susie has also coached my husband which has created a beautiful deep understanding and respect between us and plenty of inspirational late night conversations that are fun and that bring us closer together. I feel supported by Susie while knowing that none of my BS patterns go un-noticed and un-tackled. Susie’s work is fast and laser sharp! It’s with Susie’s mentoring and coaching that I’ve been able to build my own success coaching business quickly and sustainably, knowing that there are no issues that we can’t overcome. I continue to leave every session re-focussed, re-energised and with ever increasing confidence in myself and and my business vision and strategies.”
– Serena Sandstrom
Success Coach
Business Coaching
“Susanne King is the best and we absolutely love working with her. She has a unique ability to bring greatness out in people and knows how to get business owners to take action on a daily basis. Susanne not only helps people thrive, she also makes sure they have fun along the way!”
– Franziska Iseli
Director Basic Bananas
Business Coaching
“I’ve been working in commission only, direct sales for over 5 years – but felt I needed to work on my attitude to keep things fresh and get to the next level, so I attended my first Tony Robbins UPW in Sydney in 2013 and took up the offer of a free coaching session – after careful consideration I was assigned to Susie and within two months of beginning the coaching – I wrote my biggest sales month ever, and was last month awarded Salesperson of the Year, and a recognition award for exceptional sales performance in a self-generated business, so the results really did speak for themselves! So obvious is my improvement – that I’ve been asked to speak on two occasions at conferences – on the topic of personal-development! I truly believe this wouldn’t have been possible without Susie – our regular sessions help to keep me accountable and focus on my goals and I don’t think there’s one area of my life that Susie hasn’t helped me with!”
– Kylie Ebbert
Senior Consultant Equissage
Business Coaching
“Having worked with Susie for 6 months, my life is now unrecognisable compared to where I started. Susie has guided, supported and occasionally kicked butt to give me the power to transition out of full time employment into my own business, publish a book and start dating again. Susie has the ability to know what it is you need to move you to the next level each session – and she won’t just give it to you, she guides you to work it out for yourself. Looking forward to the next 6 months!!”
– Jessica Gwynne
Director Client Kiosk
Business Coaching
“Working with Susanne has been absolutely awesome.

Firstly Susanne does her homework and due diligence. She took the time to review my business, find ways to simplify and streamline complex offers and looked for ways to engage my team to achieve our vision.

She has a unique way of getting me performing at my best and confronting my procrastination areas, from me somehow agreeing to do runs in a mankini if I didn’t do my daily contacts to coming up with great rewards for staying on track. In the serious business of business, she has made increasing our performance engaging and fun, helping me make the subtle shifts to really understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

She was there to support us when we had staff issues and taught me how to pick up the pieces and keep achieving what we wanted to achieve no matter what.

I have a very unique way of doing business and having someone who wasn’t trying to push me into a tight structure was key.

During our coaching together we had some challenges both financially and personally and Susanne was able to handle them with ease, professionalism and sensitivity.

It’s just been great working with someone who was just as passionate about our vision as we are. It’s been a great ride”

– Joe Bonnington
Joe Bonnington – Founder Joe’s Basecamp
Business Coaching
“The gorgeous Susie has been my business coach since June 2013 and it has been an amazing ride! She has been that steading, calm voice of big picture, how to and motivation that has kept me on track and focused in the direction I need for growth, sustainability and success. Being a sole entrepreneur can be an isolating and daunting task where few people understand your journey and you are constantly being challenged. Susie has made it a curious journey of self-discovery by supporting me whole-heartedly along the way, especially in those stepping up moments. She has helped me to launch an online presence and booking systems, systemise my business, advertise, network, launch and market retreats, get booked out solid and so much more. So thank you Susie, your help and support has been unbelievably invaluable!”
– Julie Smethurst
Director Feeling Great Health & Wellness Solutions
Business Coaching
“Completing regular coaching sessions with Susie over the past 2 years has been one of the best decisions I could have made to grow my business. Starting with goal setting and developing a strong vision for my business and following through to marketing, task management and client profiling has seen my business evolve hugely and given me a clear path to follow to achieve the outcomes that I’m after. I couldn’t have attained the clarity I have in regards to my future business plans without Susie’s unique perspective, diverse skill-set and fun approach. ”
– Amy Common
Amy Common – Director
Business Coaching
“Susie King is a highly skilled and experienced Life and Business Coach.

Susie has become an integral part of my personal evolution.
Her innovative skills and expertise in a multitude of areas makes her stand out from the rest.

Susie is enormously passionate about her work. Her depth of knowledge and sensitivity to my individual needs inspired me to incredible growth, whilst providing support and understanding along the way.

She demonstrates an empowering model for change with her laser sharp mind and ability to adapt to whatever you are needing in a session. This may be in the areas of personal development, business strategy, presentation skills or website enhancement. Susie held a space each session, with such clarity and integrity, that allowed me to dig deep and find the appropriate solution to my area of inquiry.

Drawing from an infinite pool of resources, Susie taught me sophisticated business, sales and marketing techniques that have given me confidence and has accelerated my business.

Susie’s fluid business savvy mind, combined with a warm heart and generous spirit, is truly a shining example of Life and Business Coaching at its best. I would recommend Susie King to anyone wanting to see their life and business flourish beyond their greatest expectations.”

– Elaine Vanderzeil
Director Alchemist Within
Business Coaching
“Susie King is a fantastic business coach and mentor. Susie has been providing business coaching to me for the past 18 months. The guidance and coaching she has given has been extremely beneficial and instrumental to my company’s ongoing success. Susie has a broad knowledge base across many aspects of business and so has been able to provide me with assistance in many different areas of both my business and personal life. Susie has a great communication style and is a pleasure to work with. I always look forward to my coaching calls with Susie!”
– Katrina Park
Managing Director, Resource Solutions Group
Business Coaching
“Susie has been an outstanding friend, mentor and coach for me for several years and continues to go over and above to add massive value to my life. The greatest change that she has enabled me to create is the confidence and strategic direction to leave the security of a 9 – 5 job and enjoy a life that is in line with my values, my passion and living life on my terms.
Susie is approachable, offers outstanding advice as well as setting me up with the tools to create results across all aspects of my life including business, relationships and health & fitness.
She takes holistic approach to coaching and delivers with genuine passion and enthusiasm. She places large emphasis on enjoyment and fun in order to set me up to enjoy the journey.
I would recommend Susie to anyone who wants the support of a world class coach who will enable them to take their life to the next level and produce real results!”
– Katy Birchall
Flower Lover & Entrepreneur
Business Coaching
“When I met Susie, I was an exhausted and burnt out. Susie helped me define what my perfect life would look like and supported me to not only achieve that but to achieve things I never thought possible. Susie helped me build a business from the ground up, systemize the business as we experienced growth and enabled us to achieve record months. She is now helping me outsource functions so that we can scale and prepare for another period of growth. Susie has helped me build a mobile lifestyle, and I have been able to live in 3 locations around the world and visit over 30 cities all while running a business. But what I love the most about working with Susie, is the integrity of her advice. No matter what situation I need assistance with, Susie is always able to come up with a solution that achieve results and upholds respect for others and myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Susie to anyone who wanted to build or grow a business, or just generally wants to demand more out of life. ”
– Laura A
Laura Anderson – General Manager Cheeky Scientist
Business Coaching
“In 2013 I commenced Robbins Coaching, with the intent of taking back control of my life by taking massive action to achieve the results I wanted. Susanne was my allocated life coach from the beginning and very quickly we developed a strong rapport and effectual professional relationship.

Susanne is more than a coach; she is an essential thinking partner who always displays a vested interest in my goals and personal growth. With her unique charismatic approach and creative flare Susanne stands in my greatness and challenges me to stretch for better and to live a bold and passionate life.

I have recently started my own small business and with the personal coaching and mentoring, dynamic strategies and vigorous marketing techniques I have learned through our one-on-one coaching sessions, I feel excited, determined and passionate to make things happen.

I would recommend Susanne’s coaching, mentoring and consulting services to anyone who wants to take back control of their own life, dare for greatness, and achieve massive goals at lightning speed.”

– Mandy Jeffrey
Life and Success Coach
Business Coaching
“Susanne King began coaching me at a point in my life where I had hit a massive roadblock. My dreams and goals were very clear and very big and very scary, however I was really stuck about how I was going to achieve them. As a coach myself I had many tools in my ‘tool-kit’ that could have solved many of my challenges, but it wasn’t until I began my journey with Susie that I began to really solve these challenges and turn them into successes. My journey with Susie has been one of self-love, self-belief and massive business building for my coaching practice. I’ve learned to really enjoy the process of building my brand and to keep my focus on what’s important and why I am doing what I’m doing. This has allowed me total fulfillment, an abundance of confidence and loads of clarity. Together we have achieved goals and celebrated lots of wins, but really the biggest thing I have achieved whilst working with Susie is the ability to self manage, self motivate and self coach- these are vital and lasting. These three things have kept me on track and have given me the certainty and confidence within myself to sustain continuous goal-smashing whilst breaking through the challenges and opportunities that being an entrepreneur requires. Susie glows with love, commitment and energy, she is patient, feminine and integral and is just as much on ‘the journey’ as her clients. I am Grateful for ”
– Ellie E
Ellie Robinson
Business Coaching
“What can I say! Susanne King walks her talk, the level of standard Susanne has for herself & her clients is what makes Susanne an outstanding coach, I have had many coaches over the last 5 years but non that even comes close to the standard that Susanne has, her support and commitment to her clients is unmatched. I would recommend Susanne to anyone who wants to live an outstanding life and create a business they love. I would definitely say I’m a raving fan!”
– Lauren Delbeux

Business Coaching
“Susie King is the absolute best! Not only will she get you significant, life changing results, she will make the entire experience challenging & fun! In less than two years of working with Susie, I have undergone some serious transformations in my life; I quit a seemingly amazing job & found a better one, I chose bravery & confidence to leave a negative relationship behind & jump into a single life & perhaps most importantly of all, I found the love & strength within myself to see me for the incredible person I am…. words I never thought I’d hear myself say, about myself! Achievements only made possible thanks to the unique coaching ability of Susie King.

You see Susie really is a master coach. She has a gifted talent of really getting under the skin of what makes you tick & getting you to turn that into power to fuel your success. She will help you uncover the goals you want to master & help you achieve them. She will keep you honest & be honest. She will tackle a curve ball thrown at a moment’s notice like a boss… and for me, one of her stand out qualities, is her ability to set you up with all the tools you need to become your own coach.

Being able to coach myself as I continue to work alongside Susie has been a turning point in my growth & success. The power of working together with our armoury of skills brings incredible results & it’s also hugely exciting! Looking to the future I know that anything & everything is possible, I just need to choose what I want & go for it. How many people even think that, let alone believe or see those possibilities become reality? If you believe it & want it, Susie will help you get there!

Live with passion, power & fun!”

– Andie Tickner
Group Account Director at Edge – Content Marketing Agency
Business Coaching
“Working with Susie, I sold my first property as project manager after only 21 days on the market? And I have bought my next project already. I am loving my life..I don’t think I have ever had as much love and respect for myself before or understood myself this well. I am grabbing every opportunity that comes along and all of a sudden they are everywhere. I am meeting new people and developing a rapport as if it’s the easiest thing ever, everything just seems to be so awesome; my days are fuller, richer and happier. Just wanted to thank you Susie, I have grown so much in my understanding that my life is so much richer. I can’t really find the words to describe how I am feeling. I so appreciate your skills, wisdom, humor, talent, fairness, honesty and the outstanding human being that you are, you make me lift my standards. Looking forward to our session xx”
– Tracy Layton

Business Coaching
“Susanne always has my back; as a sole trader I never feel like I’m on my own. No matter what I’m up against – the internal fight, navigating the intricacies of the business, Susanne’s wisdom, honesty and guidance is raw and refreshing. Focusing directly on the problem in a gentle and positive way to help me smash the fears that I created, enabling me to get on with what I need to do to make my business succeed and feel fulfilled at the same time.”
– Kelly Anne Philip

Business Coaching
“Words cannot truly express how fortunate and blessed I feel to have Susanne King as my Coach. Since I began having my sessions with her in October 2014, I have achieved all my goals. Even though I came down hard on myself for only booking in 4 clients (for the week beginning 2/3/15) when my goal was 5. Susanne helped me to understand what an achievement that was and how I should celebrate this and not be disappointed in myself. As a result we are now at 5 out of 5 clients. Susanne’s guidance has been invaluable, she keeps me focused, motivated and inspired. Susanne has taught me the art of ‘celebration’ which is something I had not allowed myself in the past. One of my future goals is to be as good a Coach as ‘Susie King’. I thank you Susanne, I am very lucky to have you along side me travelling through my business and life journey.”
– Karen Seymour

Business Coaching
“When I started my coaching program with you I had literally just turned the page from being a wild party girl who’s identity was so tied up in her environment wanting to be a savvy business woman who was a master of her personal & professional life and really rock at this game we call life.

I certainly had some challenges to work through, through your support, compassion, understanding and exceptional coaching skills you guided and lead me to become who I am today, confident, responsible, reliable, open and the Director of my own business. I am so clear with what I want to create with my business and I am actually doing it, I am making a difference. My life has done a complete 180, I really am that person I created in my goals all that time ago and for that I am ever so grateful and will always hold you dear in my heart. You helped me to become the savvy business woman I am and so much more.

Thank you – I am so super grateful, my life is so rich and full of wonderful things. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is wanting to get the most out of life and rock at business. You really are a star.”

– Kelly Bowen